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Are you looking to grow your dental practice?

Our digital marketing experts are determined to make dentistry practice successful. Will it be yours?

DIY – Your Digital Marketing Package

DIY- Do It Yourself, a complete digital marketing resource for your dental practice to grow organically and over social media. Our experts will pre-design and develop great niche content that will help you to rank higher in organic searches and dominate social media. 


What will I Get in DIY Digital Package?

Do It Yourself (DIY) Digital package for dental practice marketing is one of the best resources to enhance and maintain your online presence. Our experts will craft a customized package for you according to your promotion of dental services. DIY Digital Package for dentists will give you the freedom to manage your promotion and be a part of your practice growth.

The DIY Digital Package for Dentists will include top-rated marketing material as:

  • Digital graphic images 
  • Content in word format
  • Google Local Listing basic SEO
  • Tips on Review Management
  • Guidelines for Facebook & Instagram paid promotion



Branded Digital Graphics 

You will be getting customized digital graphic images crafted with your dental practice branding. Total 32 Images in a Month, 8 images every week. These graphics are custom-made for your defined dental procedures that you want to promote on social media. You will be receiving graphics in your requested file format and can easily be post ready to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, website, or blog. 

Personal branded social media posts are very important in keeping in touch with your patients and increasing new patients to your dental practice. Our graphics will help you easily DIY social media promotions for your dental practice. 

If you are interested in the complete dental practice promotional handling of your social media by our experts, get in touch with us.  


Content in Word Format

The content is still the king that rules the SEO. Your sure-shot way to reach top ranking in searches is content. Our specialized dentistry content writers are experts in providing fully plagiarised high-quality content. 

You will get specially developed content of 2000 to 2500 words on the articles of your choice. Total 8 articles, 2 articles every week. These will help you to promote your practice in an organic way and reach the top of searches. With these articles, you can keep upgrading your blogs, PR material, website, etc. 

The content is developed with overall local SEO optimization. Your preferred keywords and dental services will be used to develop very personalized content. 

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Google Local Listing Basic SEO

Your Google Local Listing is a very important factor for reaching the maximum audience. A basic SEO is a must for the Google local listing to stand out for your dentistry practice. Another important factor is your patient reviews, talk to our experts if you want help in managing your reviews and ratings. 

Our experts will bring out the necessary changes to improve your local SEO by improving your Google Bussiness Listing. 

What is the cost of the DIY Digital Dentistry Package?

The DIY Digital Dentistry Package is very reasonably priced to get you maximum ROI on your Digital Resource. 

DIY Digital Dentistry Package

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